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Service Terms

By booking an appointment on the Horse Weighbridge North East Limited booking system ("booking system") operated by Horse Weighbridge North East Limited, you agree to the service terms as set out herein in conjunction with this Site's Terms Of Use.

Acceptance Of Appointment
By placing a booking using our online booking system you make an offer to pay for the services requested in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Your initial booking is provisional and is not guaranteed to be accepted due to the nature of the service. In the instance that your booking is not accepted, we will contact you with alternative dates and times based on your location. Please note Kelly is very grateful for your booking and will endeavor to give alternative suggestions as quickly as possible.

Horse Weighbridge North East Limited will acknowledge your booking and if the booking fits with the location and time allowances of that day, your booking will be accepted. In the event that the number of interested parties (i.e. horses to be weighed) increases, please make Kelly aware as soon as possible in order for her to extend your booking time. Similarly, if the number decreases, please be aware that the price may also change (see pricing). 
Kelly allows a generous amount of time per appointment but cannot guarantee that clients who have not pre-booked will be accepted, given the obligations she has to other bookings that day.

Pricing of Services

2023 prices: All bookings made within 2023 within the North East Region follow the below pricing structure:

  • Weighing of 1 or 2 horses = £15 per horse

  • Weighing of 3 or more horses = £10 per horse

Within the North East region there is currently no call-out fee for our services. We are currently in the process of extending our geographic reach and with that we are looking at providing "zonal" days for locations outside of the North East.

However, at present, there is a 45p per mile callout charge for any bookings made outside of a 40 mile radius from NE5 2BE. To see if your location is outside of this radius, please go to or use Google Maps. 

When a booking is made from outside of this radius, we will contact you with an estimation of this callout charge. We will also endeavor to construct a route with a number of clients on it in order to share out the callout charge. If the client demand exceeds a certain number of horses (location specific), then there is a possibility that all callout fees will be absorbed by the business.

In the event that you make a booking for a location exceeding a 5 hour round trip from NE5 2BE, accommodation costs may also be incurred. These will also be estimated upon confirmation of your booking.

Horse Weighbridge North East Limited will take all reasonable care to ensure that prices within the booking system are accurate. However, from time to time errors may occur and where such errors occur we reserve the right to withdraw the product from sale at the incorrect price and present it at the correct price. If you have placed an order at the incorrect price, we will inform you of the error and give you the opportunity to confirm your order at the correct price or cancel your order.

Service Refunds, Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

Refunds are available until 48 hours prior to the appointment for all services. 

To obtain a refund, the client must contact Kelly directly via email, telephone (call or text) before the policy time limit (48 hours) to arrange a refund. Any cancellations of any service or appointment made later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment will not be eligible for a refund.

In the instance where a person is booking on behalf of other owners/caregivers, please be aware that the same cancellation policy applies. When booking on behalf of someone else it is strongly advised that you receive an upfront payment from them if you are wishing to pay online. Payments for services can be made on the day and we accept cash and card payments.

We no longer accept BACS payments for services and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Cancellations and rescheduling are available until 48 hours prior to the appointment. Following a cancellation or a rescheduling request, clients must respect that during busy periods we will endeavor to reschedule their appointment to the nearest slot but due to location restrictions they may be waiting a number of weeks for a new appointment.

If for any reason the service provider (Kelly Thomas) needs to reschedule your appointment, she will do so with no less than 24 hours notice. does not show to your appointment, In the unlikely event that Kelly does not attend your appointment without notice, this will be due to unforeseen circumstances such as a situation of force majeure or an emergency. Clients who have prepaid will be eligible for a refund however there is no recompense offered to clients who have not prebooked.

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