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Independent - Insured - Professional


Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Kelly and I want to help you to have an accurate weight measurement for your horse without a big callout or sales pitch!

Answer me this: when you feed your horse, do you make sure the portion size is based on their weight, body condition and workload? Is it simply a "one scoop" or "one big net" scenario? Have you ever gone to worm your horse based on a guesstimate or a weight reading from a few years ago? Do you travel your horse without knowing exactly how much weight you're towing each time? Most of us will answer yes to at least one of those things because very few of us have an accurate, up to date measurement of our horses - until now!

I provide an accurate and accessible horse weighing services in the local area with an industry standard mobile weighbridge. My service goes beyond the usual weighing service. I am TRULY independent, with no ulterior motive to hand out vouchers or feed samples. My interest stays with your horse! All weights collected are stored in a secure database so changes can be tracked where needed - no need to scribble the weight down quickly on a piece of paper. With as many as 70% of leisure horses in the UK classed as overweight, towing vehicles getting less capable and laminitis on the rise, having regular access to a weighbridge has never been more essential.

Horses of all shapes and sizes welcome!

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