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Ultimate Muzzle Leather Headpiece

Ultimate Muzzle Leather Headpiece

A replacement leather headpiece for your Ultimate Muzzle.

One of the many great features of the Ultimate Muzzle is its safe but durable headpiece. With time, this can wear and stretch, but instead of replacing the whole muzzle you have the option to simply replace the headpiece.


Headpieces come in two lengths, be mindful of the muzzle size you've purchased and its accompanying headpice length.

Small Headpiece = small pony, pony and cob sized muzzles.

Large Headpiece = horse, draught/XL sized muzzles


Lengths as follows:

Small = 24inches

Large = 30inces


Please note: If you have had a muzzle fitting in-person, there may be the rare possibility that Kelly has suggested changing the headpiece length rather than going up/down a muzzle size. When ordering a new headpiece, take note of your current one. It should have a length initial on one side (either "S" or "L").

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