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Thinline Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle

Thinline Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle

An innovative grazing muzzle design by Thinline Europe. These premium grazing muzzles are well accepted by many horses and have provided freedom to many metabolically challenged equines who will not tolerate a more traditional basket muzzle.


This muzzle is unlike any muzzle available on the market, it is lightweight and roomy with ample space around the muzzle. It is UV resistance and incredibly durable.


Benefits …

  • This muzzle is gentle on skin, teeth, and lips.  Softer, lighter, and safer. 
  • Has UV protection for delicate noses.
  • Works perfectly with all waterers (also automatic waterers)
  • Adjustable hole size to meet the grazing needs of all horses
  • Incredibly flexible and very lightweight.  Horses no longer bother wearing one!
  • Durable material
  • 2.5cm hole - can be enlarged


What size should I choose? 

Generally, you should choose the same size muzzle as your horse's headcollar. The muzzle integrates two sizes so mini/pony should fit shetlands and miniatures up to native ponies. Cob/Horse should fit cobs and horses who take cob or full headcollars and oversize/draught should fit those in extra full and draught sized headcollars. At Horse Weighbridge North East, we provide muzzle fitting services, both in personal (subject to area) and online. Check out our services here.


What will you need?

We recommend you use a dedicated well-fitting breakaway turnout halter to attach your muzzle.  It generally takes about 20 minutes to get everything right first time you fit a Thinline Muzzle. The muzzle fit is enhanced when using the Thinline field safe headcollar, but can still be fitted successfully to other unbranded field safe items. The headcollar is not included in the price of the muzzle and must be purchased separately.


  • Care Instructions

    Day to Day Cleaning

    • We recommend rinsing your muzzle in water daily to get rid of any debris which may have been collected in the muzzle. 

    Deep Cleaning

    • Place the grazing muzzle in a net washing bag and wash on cold water with detergent and a teaspoon of bleach.
    • Second, more extended clean, stick it in a bucket with dish soap and a cap full of bleach.
  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    These muzzles work best when fitted correctly and introduced sympathetically. Grazing muzzles, like any piece of tack, should be introduced in a safe and controlled environment first. During our muzzle fitting consultations, we strongly encourage owners to graze their horse's in hand with the muzzle on or in an enclosed paddock away from other horses. As far as grazing muzzles go, these innovative muzzles can be quite tricky for some horses to initially get the hang of and we advise using high value but appropriate treats to train your horse to eat with the muzzle. Once you have watched your horse eat with the muzzle on, you can safely introduce them back to their normal turnout.

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