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Fleece Cheekpiece and Headpiece Covers

Fleece Cheekpiece and Headpiece Covers

Part of our Ultimate Muzzle accessories range, but perfectly adept at fitting on any standard-width headcollar or muzzle combination, this three-piece set is a great addition to your tack room.


Easily velcroed around the cheekpiece and headpiece of most standard width headcollars and muzzles, these versatile covers provide additional comfort and protection to your horse. A particularly useful tool to use when a horse is needing to be muzzled for long periods of time, or for those slightly more sensitive souls.


Handy Tip: We sometimes find that the headpiece is a little bit generous for fitting to pony or shetland sized muzzles. It is rare for a muzzle to cause rubs behind the ears, so we sometimes cut the headpiece in half and use it for other straps such as the throat latch strap.

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