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The Intentional Equestrian

The Intentional Equestrian

A complete management log book helping you to set goals, train more effectively and manage your horse care with purpose and intention.

Goal Setting

Break your goals down into small manageable steps, making them easier to work on and more achievable. Review these goals every few weeks to keep focused and on track to success.

Record Training and Lessons

Document lessons and training, note down what you worked on and what to implement in daily training.

Document Competition Results

Whatever your discipline, track your classes, the venue, and your score to see how you are progressing and highlight any patterns to work on whilst away from home.

52 Week Undated Daily Training Log Book

Use your goals and feedback from lessons and competitions to create an effective and achievable training plan for your horses. Don’t wait for the new year to start training more intentionally and effectively, the best time to start is now.

Manage Your Horse’s Care and Maintenance

Whether you are keeping on top of everything for your own records, or your horse has multiple handlers who need to stay on the same page, this section will help ensure your horse has the best consistent care year-round.

Designed For Up To Four Horses

With space for up to four horses, this diary will cover all your needs to keep your four legged friends happy, healthy, and on the way to accomplish your goals

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