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What sets me apart from other weighbridges ⚖️

So anyone can buy a weighbridge and go and weigh horses right?

Yes, I suppose they could. But without meaning to go full Liam Neeson here, what sets me apart from all the other weighbridge service providers is the fact that I have a particular set of skills. It is these skills which make sure you and your horse are getting the best service and advice possible.

What sets me apart from any other weighbridge service provider is:

⚖️Regularly calibrated and certified weighbridge - not everyone does this!

🤓Level 4 Data Analyst - when I tell you your horse is within the healthy average, you best believe I've ran the figures!

📝Two Dr Kellon Nutrition courses completed

🌱Member of the British Grassland Society

✅ Fully insured and registered limited company

💯 Largest database of horse weights in the UK

🐷 I carry a full range of grazing muzzles of different sizes and styles to try

📏 Height measurements also available

ℹ️ Able to provide no obligation, thorough grazing muzzle fittings and advice

🐴 Carry a range of genuine Trickle Nets for sale

🩺Work in collaboration with vets and other service providers

⛔Not affiliated to or salaried by any feed company. I can happily give impartial advice surrounding forage intake and I pride myself on taking an holistic approach to feed.

🤗 Approved member of Progressive Equine Partnerships

🎓 Continually enrolling on CPD courses

🏆 Chosen to weigh world champion horses, including Yasmin Ingham's Banzi Du Loir

🛤️ Experience in using a range of grazing styles, including track systems, strip grazing and paddocking. I have visited Gawsworth Track Livery and had consultations from Abbots View Track Livery.

With that in mind, would you like to book an appointment?

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