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Zephyr Grazing Muzzle

Zephyr Grazing Muzzle

From the team which brought you The Ultimate Muzzle - meet its cousin The Zephyr Muzzle!


This innovative muzzle is particularly suitable for small cobs and ponies with chunky heads. It has also seen success with donkeys too!


It has the same rectangular hole as The Ultimate Muzzle, but is a standard height all the way around (whereas the Ultimate Muzzle is higher at the front). This particularly suits horses with small but broad heads such as your mini traditional cobs, Highlands, and Welsh As.
Another feature of the Zephyr Muzzle is that it attaches to your existing field safe headcollar with double velcro attachements.

What is more is it's still compatible with the range of Ultimate Muzzle Chin Pads!


Please Note: Kelly has had success fitting The Ultimate Muzzle to all sized horses and ponies, so if you have a mini-traditional, Highland or Welsh A, please don't feel like the Zephyr is your only option. Please do reach out if you aren't sure on sizings.

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